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The United States of America is the only developed nation that does not guarantee decent healthcare to all of its citizens. When it comes to the wellbeing of its people, the wealthiest democracy in the world that is supposed to be by the people, of the people and for the people has failed to be for all the people of the nation. In spite of spending the highest for healthcare in the world, millions of Americans lack affordable, quality healthcare.

Healthcare in America is in critical condition, and deteriorating by the day. As I dissect this country’s medical industry, to diagnose the root cause that is destroying the healthcare delivery, I came across the deep-rooted cancer that is responsible for the illness.

As America desperately seeks the right prescription to cure the ailing field of medicine and provide affordable quality healthcare to all, it stands at the cross roads of two profound socioeconomic philosophical choices. The fundamental choice it has to make is the bitter pill. Unless the nation accepts that bitter medicine and chooses the right path, the present course is certain to lead American healthcare to a dead end.

“Bitter Pill” is actually a better effort

than Moore’s investigation of the healthcare system, 2007’s “Sicko.”



What if you had to potentially face death every day? You might just look at your own life quite differently. By working to cheat death with every medical means at his disposal, neurosurgeon Dr. Vivekanand Palavali has put forward a new way to live. Welcome to the world of a neurosurgeon -- a world ripped apart by horrifying accidents, brain tumors, gunshots and strokes. Dr. Palavali immerses you in the grief and triumph of families struggling to deal with parents, children and spouses on the verge of death. In a series of powerful true stories, he walks you through his own awakening to the fragility of life. By overcoming his own fear of death, a journey he openly shares in the pages of this amazing book, Dr. Palavali has been given unique insights on life. His message of how to find and keep real happiness is both uplifting and vital in a world that seems increasingly beyond comprehension.



As humans, many a time, we wonder if God exists or not. A quest to find the answer to that question took Dr. Vivekanand Palavali on a philosophical and global journey, beginning while a teenager and ending a few years after becoming a neurosurgeon.

Being a brain surgeon helped him understand the phenomena of mysticism, spiritually and our idea of God. Finally the puzzle of God’s existence is solved. One may be fascinated to know where the key to unlock the mystery of God actually lies.

In these times of religious intolerance and insanity, hopefully, the definitive answer to that universal and all important question of God’s existence will help humanity to reflect on the senseless crusades and jihad, raging in almost every corner of the world.

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