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Screwed is a sequel to the Michigan Emmy nominated documentary, Bitter Pill: America and Healthcare in America. The film highlights the suffering millions of Americans will have to endure if Trump's administration repeals Obamacare but does not provide quality affordable healthcare to those citizens.


 In Bitter Pill: American and Healthcare in America, it was predicted that, though noble in its intention, Obamacare would not provide affordable, quality healthcare to all American citizens and millions would still be left uninsured or underinsured. Although, ObamaCare did help millions get healthcare, unfortunately premiums for many middle class citizens went up and many healthcare exchanges disappeared.

Watch as Dr. Vivek Palavali, from a neurosurgeon's perspective, sheds light on why America is the only developed nation that does not provide healthcare to all of its citizens. Every other Western European nation provides quality universal healthcare that is affordable with better outcomes compared to America.

People picketing about universal healtcare


The United States of America spends around three trillion dollars,17% GDP, annually for healthcare. In spite of this, millions of Americans suffer from without quality, affordable healthcare. As a result, thousands die annually, and many become financially bankrupt from medical costs. Meanwhile, many developed nations spend far less than American and provide universal healthcare allowing their citizens to live long and healthier lives.

Unfortunately, the United States of America treats healthcare as a profit-oriented business, instead of a basic human right to all citizens. The greedy and powerful special interests of the medical industry control politicians and healthcare delivery - making it the most expensive and out of reach system in the world.

Americn flag with a stethoscope on it


The cure for the toxic illness plaguing American healthcare lies in the hands of its citizens. They have the power to remove from office politicians beholden to greedy special interests and elect those willing to end corrupt healthcare policies.


The question is, are the citizens of America ready to participate in the electoral process to bring necessary change that provides affordable, quality universal healthcare? 

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